Airport testing is now the new trend in the travelling industry. Covid-19 tests are required by all airlines, both large and small, in the UK. It is part of the global effort to stop the spread of Coronavirus. All major airports have airport testing facilities. Since most countries require Covid-19 tests to be taken within a certain timeframe, that is why there is Heathrow Airport testing, to accommodate the needs of passengers travelling abroad and for returning ones as well.


Why Is Heathrow Testing Important?

Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom. Heathrow is London’s main airport. Heathrow is a very busy airport with millions of passenger flights arriving and departing each year. The Heathrow testing centre is there to facilitate the health screening process for airlines and helps passengers obtain any Covid related certification they require easily with no extra journeys to laboratories.

Heathrow airport was working hard to accommodate these testing facilities. To ensure that all of its scheduled flights arrive and depart on time and without issue, it set up the rapid Heathrow testing program, however, it only offers Antigen testing which is not accepted by certain countries. Covid Fit to Fly certification is a requirement if you are going to be flying out of Heathrow and the country of arrival has entry Covid related restrictions. Many airlines that fly into the UK have had to deny boarding to passengers who did not meet the Covid testing requirements.

If you have a business that frequently leaves from the Heathrow airport then you know that you have to get your Covid test results available before boarding your flight. When you arrive you may have to wait on the runway or you may need to go through a security check-in process where the tests are being checked. Even if you are not required to go through this you want to make sure that you do so, otherwise, you might be asked to return to the check-in desk for proper verification.

covid-19 testingThings To Know Before Booking Your Next Journey

What I’ve learned from my recent travelling experience is that preparation is key, now more than ever being organised pays off. Make sure you are fully aware of the regulations and entry requirements of the country you are intending to visit as these are changing quite often. Make your test arrangements in advance because if you are flying from a major airport like Heathrow you will be impressed by the scale of Heathrow testing and thus a booking is a must. Having a written plan will be very helpful and will ensure that every journey related task is performed in a timely manner. I know this can add extra stress and anxiety but only with a well-made plan, you will be able to have a stress-free journey.

In regards to the Heathrow testing, everything is straightforward, you make a booking online and ensure that you arrive on time. The test takes a couple of minutes, sometimes even seconds and you are good to good. You can choose for your test results to be sent via email and have a nice meal or walk in the airport while waiting for the results to be ready.  Whether it’s a business journey or vacation you’re going for, it’s important to protect yourself through the journey and stick to the plan. The testing and protection requirements are implemented for our safety and thus we must make sure we abide by the rules.

Final Words

As a reminder, before travelling during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to follow all of the pandemic essentials. These include; cleanliness, hygiene and basic medical pills. When travelling during this time period, ensure that you are well prepared for any situation that may arise.