Route 66 is a historical, cattle rambling route used by wagon trains through the American West. The historic U.S. route 66, which runs east through New Mexico southward to Texas, followed the route taken by cattle rangers in the late 1800s. The original route was completed between Mineral Springs and Coronado Springs; however, the first cattle train to reach Coronado, Colorado, made its final trip through the route in 1869. Today, Route 66 is a popular route for travellers looking to travel west across the United States.

Just east of Gold Coast, the Burleigh Heads National Marine Park is located. Burleigh Head is one of Australia’s most popular natural wonders. Located on the south-western corner of the Queensland province, this beautiful marine park encompasses more than one thousand kilometres of rugged coastline. This natural reserve offers spectacular views of the ocean’s depths, as well as a variety of underwater life. There are a number of guided tours available, including boat and land tours, and sightseeing cruises. Tour guides in the resort can help visitors decide what they would like to do while they are on holiday.

Mabul Island is only ten kilometres from Borneo, Malaysia’s second-smallest city. Boat tours are frequently available from nearby Malaysia and Singapore. Visitors may be able to rent a boat and visit the islands. For those who enjoy diving, snorkelling, and sailing, snorkelling is the most popular way to explore the submerged wrecks and reefs. Divers can find all types of fish, as well as hundreds of coral, on the beaches of the island.

The lack of hotel rooms on Mabul Island is one of the main attractions of the island, but there are plenty of hotels and resorts that provide easy accommodation for tourists, including serviced apartments. There are plenty of cheap flights to Borneo Island from Australia, New Zealand, and other destinations in the Asia Pacific region during the peak summer months, so planning ahead and making sure you get all the airfare discounts possible will ensure you have an unforgettable trip. Make sure to check out our comprehensive Borneo Island vacation package review to find out what to do and where to go next.