Delaware’s residents it seems are fed up with their old concrete driveways looking like a mess and needing resurfaced once every 5 years. Delaware is one of the many US states that sees nice warm summers and bitterly cold winters, with an average high of 30C in the Summer and -5C in the Winter. This can wreak havoc on a lot of things, but one thing that it seems to have a drastic effect on the tarmac on our roads. The expansion and contraction over the seasons means that cracks and potholes can appear and ruin the driveway, so people are looking for a new solution. The popularity of resin bound driveways has been rising, due to their smart appearance and longevity.

resin bound driveway

What Are Resin Bound Driveways?

A resin bound driveway is basically a combination of asphalt and resin that’s used to paved walkways, driveways, and more. It’s also a type of permeable pavement product. The resin portion of the product is applied to the concrete while the asphalt layer is build up on top of it. When finished, the two different layers will lock together. The products are able to lock in the moisture because they are water resistant.

It’s one of the most durable materials on the market because of its features. Because of this, it is widely used as an alternative to gravel, asphalt and concrete, as well as clay. It doesn’t require a heavy maintenance routine, since it’s relatively easy to wipe off dirt or sand stains, and as mentioned, it’s virtually stain and chip resistant. If you have a small gravel driveway, then a quartz aggregate driveway may be a good choice for you. This is because it is very easy to keep clean.

resin bound driveways

Other Driveway Options

On the other hand, if you have a larger and more substantial driveway, then a polyurethane based resin might be an excellent choice. There are many different forms of polyurethane resin that you can choose from including granular, liquid and flexible. Some forms are suitable for low speed vehicle movements while others may not be approved for use on structures such as fire escapes and stairways. A good suggestion would be to talk to the retailer or manufacturer that you are considering using. what the resin driveway cost per m2 will be. Remember that the cost varies widely depending on the company you are contacting, as well as the type of driveway you choose. Driveway resin prices can be quite low in price, but the quality of the finished product can also be very high. Be sure to do your research to determine how much you want to spend per m2, and remember to ask any questions you might have before you agree to any quote.


Installation Of Your Driveway

Many of the major producers of resin driveways will offer free delivery, so you don’t even have to pay for installation if you’re not planning to make the driveway yourself. Most of the products are made of polyethylene, and are relatively easy to install. However, if you need some extra help, most major manufacturers of driveway surfacing products can also help. After all, if the final product isn’t as beautiful as it could be with a little basic installation know-how, then they probably wouldn’t be around long.