Delaware tourism, like many other regions of the US, has been hit by the economic recession. This has left many people without jobs and has resulted in less spending and less income, forcing businesses to close their doors.

Delaware, a mid-Atlantic US state, lies on a narrow peninsula bordering the Atlantic Ocean on one side, Delaware River on the other and the Delaware Bay on its northern edge. In Wilmington, the state capital, First State Historical Park encompasses historic Victorian buildings including the old State House. The city of Newark is well-known for its historic waterfront, including the Riverfront.

One of the fastest growing trends in Delaware tourism is the area around Wilmington. Visitors flock to Wilmington because of its historical attractions, including historic architecture, fine dining, shops and restaurants. Wilmington is home to a number of major corporations such as Johnson & Johnson, which has been an anchor for a number of Fortune 500 companies.

While Delaware tourism is affected by the state’s economy, it also has the advantage of being located in a major metropolitan area. People living in or traveling to the area have access to major highways that provide convenient travel.

Tourism in Delaware is dependent on seasonal events and has been for a long time. There is no central Delaware tourist agency and a person planning to visit the state must search various sources for information. Many newspapers and magazines offer articles, business listings of hotels and other lodging in the area.

In addition, Delaware has a number of visitor attractions, including the American Military Museum, the National Museum of the US Air Force and the Naval History Museum, among others. All of these are available online and can be easily searched by using the keywords “Delaware” and the destination name.

While many of Delaware’s state parks and wildlife refuges are off-limits to visitors, some are open to the general public. Delaware state parks, which include Delaware National Forest, Cape Henlopen State Park and Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, are very popular tourist attractions and offer a variety of activities and recreation for tourists.

A more locally based source of information on Delaware tourism is the state department of tourism and its affiliated tourism bureau. While these websites may not provide all of the information visitors need, they will help them narrow down options and help them plan a vacation to the state.

For those seeking additional Delaware tourism information, a trip to the state park headquarters or the state’s tourism bureau can also prove valuable. For example, there are often publications and reports published online that can provide tourists with up-to-date information.