A guest post is simply a short, written article posted and written by another person on another person’s website. When you write something about your business on another people’s website its just a “guest post”, however when you write an article for another person’s site it’s a guest post. Guest posts are useful tools for online reputation promotion for many reasons such as getting your brand name known or filling up artificially high branded search results. A good guest post can also help your search engine rankings as well, as Google and other search engines often give more weighting to guest posts than to the content of individual pages. Guest articles are used as effective SEO strategies by many companies.

Effective Guest Post Service Blogging

So how do you use guest post service to build relationships? Well, it’s simple really, you write a guest post about an existing topic that would appeal to your readership, then you invite them to your blog and link back to the article. This process can also be used as a means to promote yourself and your brand, as this will help to build relationships with others. The only difficult part of guest blogging is working out what to write about in your posts, obviously if you’re writing about your industry you’ll want to talk about your product/service and if not why not discuss any current issues or thoughts you have.


Another way in which guest blogging can be useful is in increasing the amount of traffic that flows through your site. Search engine spiders will view your blog posts and may index them, therefore when you include a link back to one of your blog posts or simply include your URL in your signature, you send the search spiders to your blog. Some search engines may not index guest post automatically; they may require the blog owner to include a link back to the author’s resource box. However with more readers submitting their comments, these can easily be picked up by the search engine spiders and indexed. This means that many more people will be able to find your blog, potentially resulting in higher ranking on search engines.

How Can It Be Utilised?

One of the main ways in which guest blogging can be useful is when you need to drive traffic to your site. Let’s say you’ve just written an article on how to set up a blog, but don’t know where to put it. Instead of simply linking back to the article’s URL, you can instead provide a link back to your site and this will potentially send readers directly to your blog. It doesn’t even have to be the most relevant link; a simple one-liner statement that offers some advice about your blog subject would be fine. As well as providing your readers with a link to your blog, you’ll also gain exposure to another blogger who may be interested in your particular topic.

Guest post service blogging is especially useful when it comes to promoting a website. If your website has been established for some time, but you’re looking for a way to bring traffic to it, you could consider making a guest post on another established bloggers site. The blogger’s link profile will take care of link building for both of you, helping you to attract more visitors to your own site. Most of the guest blogging websites will also allow you to leave comments on other bloggers’ posts, thus helping build mutual relationships between bloggers and their guest bloggers.

What Are The Key Benefits?

There are a number of benefits to doing inbound marketing via guest blogging. One of the main benefits is that it helps build your links profile and Google PageRank. This is because you are contributing to inbound links to your blogs, which in turn increases your site’s inbound PR. The other main benefit is that it can help you gain higher Google PageRank and ultimately increase your domain authority.