Why should one go on a holiday and travel? There are several reasons why people go on vacation tours. People go on these tours for many reasons. Some want to relax, some to spend time with relatives they have lost touch with, some want adventure and some just want to get away from it all. Whatever your reason is for travelling, it is surely a good reason.


The world is such a big book, and only those who don’t travel read just a single page. You get so much from travelling that you won’t be able to imagine a single page without it. Just think about travelling and all the memories you get from it. Not just the pleasant memories, but the learning experiences as well that you gained while travelling.


When you are travelling, especially if it is for pleasure, you meet new people and make new friends. This is one of the best things travelling can give you. Travelling introduces you to so many new experiences which you can use in your life later on.


Another benefit of travelling is getting your family involved in the process. When you do something like travelling, you realise that you have more time to spend with them. It is more like a family bonding moment. Your children will feel happy and curious when you are travelling because you are taking them out and making them see new places. This brings back pleasant memories of when you were a kid yourself. When you are travelling makes it easier to share those old childhood memories with your kids, because travelling makes it easier to share memories.


One of the best benefits of travelling is the ability to realise your dreams. This may sound odd, but when you are travelling, you realise your dreams and you go ahead and follow them. You might realise that a certain job is what you always wanted to do. Or maybe you may learn a new skill that you never knew you had. All of these things are great benefits of travelling. You will definitely learn a lot about yourself whilst travelling.


Probably the best benefit of travelling is the ability to meet new people. You can meet all sorts of different people as you travel from one country to another. Some of your travellers might be backpacking, meaning they are just walking around, or they could be part of a group tour. Either way, travelling opens your eyes to a whole host of new experiences and you are given the opportunity to meet new people. These are just some of the many benefits of travelling as a hobby.

I know that the Coronavirus outbreak has altered the way we used to travel. And with all the Covid-19 restrictions and testing in place travel does not feel as pleasant and enjoyable, but we should never stop travelling, at least locally for now. Now is the chance to explore our local flora and fauna and simply enjoy what we have in the countries where we reside.